Kanchenjunga North & South Base Camp Trek

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Trekking to Kanchenjunga North & South Base Camp with reliable service of Annapurna Encounter leading to highest destination of Eastern Himalaya, perhaps the only adventure that leads to two base camps of one mountain
Mt. Kanchenjunga 8, 586 meters / 28,169 ft as world 3rd highest and 2nd highest of all Nepal Himalaya that straddles the border with Nepal and Sikkim (North East India) the word Kanchenjunga comes from Tibetan language meaning “five jewels peaks” and it always good to know the local meaning of the place on trek.

Trekking to Kanchenjunga North & South Base Camp, starts with a scenic panoramic flight from Kathmandu to far east town of Bhadrapur near India border, offering tremendous mountains views during quarter of an hour from Ganesh-Langtang-Jugal Himal, Gaurishankar, Mt. Everest and of Mt. Kanchenjunga massive range of peaks including Khumbakarna Himalayan mountain range & Mt. Makalu, after the pleasant flight, and then with a drive towards mid hills of Sukhetar at Taplejung village after spending the night in a nice Tea Garden town of Ilam. The first part of the journey leads to explore Kanchenjunga South Base Camp at an altitude of 4,600 meters, with nice and clear views of Yalung Glacier and Mt. Kanchenjunga South Wall and then crossing three passes of Miring La, 4,210 m, Tamo La 4,300 m and Sinion La 4,500 meters with awesome views of Kabru peak, Mt. Everest, Makalu towards North West and close views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Khumbakarna range of mountains and then heading towards North Base Camp at Pangpema 5,065 meters the highest point of this adventure, returning back with an alternative route towards Sukhetar via Amjilasa, Phole and Mitlung villages for the flight back to Kathmandu after an interesting time on this unique classic trekking to Kanchenjunga North & South Base Camp with Annapurna Encounter.

Trip Facts

  • Trip Mode : Hotel / Lodge & Camping
  • Total Trip : 26 - 27 days
  • Higest Point : 5,065 m
  • Trip Grade : moderate to adventurous
  • Season : April to June and September to November
  • Trekking : 22 - 23 days

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 02: Fly to Bhadrapur 3000 m and drive to Ilam town - 04 hrs.
Day 03: Drive to Sukhetar via Kabeli Khola trek to Lali Kharka 1,940m.
Day 04: Trek to Khesewa Bhanjyang 2,100m - 05 hrs.
Day 05: Trek to Mamangkhe 2,030 m - 06 hrs.
Day 06: Trek to Yangphudin 2,150m - 06 hrs.
Day 07: Trek to Chitre 2,880 m - 06hrs.
Day 08: Trek to Simbua Khola 3,000 m - 07 hrs.
Day 09: Trek to Tseram 3,770m - 05 hrs.
Day 10: Trek to Ramche 4,360m via Lapsang – 06 hrs.
Day 11: Rest day at Ramche for acclimatization and optional walk.
Day 12: Trek back to Tseram - 05 hrs.
Day 13: Trek to near Tamo la 4,300 m - 05 hrs.
Day 14: Trek to Ghunsa, 3, 480 m - 06 hrs.
Day 15: Trek to Kangbachen 4,000 m - 05 hrs.
Day 16: Trek to Lhonak 4,780 m - 05 hrs.
Day 17: Trek to Pang Pema 5,065m -04 hrs.
Day 18: Rest day at Pang Pema for local exploration.
Day 19: Trek to Kangbachen 3,900m - 06 hrs.
Day 20: Trek to Phole 3,100 m - 05 hrs.
Day 21: Trek to Amjilassa 2, 500 m - 07 hrs.
Day 22: Trek to Tapethok 1, 300 m - 06 hrs.
Day 23: Trek to Mitlung 1,550 m - 06 hrs.
Day 24: Trek to Suketar 2,440 m - 06 hrs.
Day 25: Fly to Kathmandu from Sukhetar and transfer to hotel.
Day 26: In Kathmandu with sightseeing tour at places of interest.
Day 27: Depart Kathmandu for international departure.

Adventure leads through yak pastures towards endless ice fields of Mt. Kanchenjunga, with views of world’s 3rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga 8, 586 meters / 28,169 ft and the fifth Mt. Makalu at 8, 463 m / 27, 766 ft massif, world’s highest Mt. Everest 8,848 m / 29,028 ft, and the 4th highest Mt. Lhotse at 8,516 m / 27, 940 ft and array of above 6-7,000 meters peaks of Baruntse and Chamlang.

Camping at Pangpema the highest camp of the trek with time to explore around the glacier of North Kanchenjunga Base Camp before heading back to Sukhetar by an alternative route till the trail joins at Suketar in Taplejung for the last camp of this fabulous trek, then concluding this journey with a scenic flight back to Kathmandu after a memorable and awesome experience of a life time.

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu meet our staff and transfer to hotel.
On reaching Kathmandu international airport our AE staff will receive with a transfer to hotel in the hub of Kathmandu around Thamel area, an interesting place with shops, stores, international standard restaurants. Our guide will meet and inform you with details of the hotels and trekking Kanchenjunga North & South Base Camp and more.

Day 02: Fly to Bhadrapur 240m and drive to Ilam 1,460 m - 04 hrs.
As per the flight time to our destination transfer to Kathmandu domestic airport for the super scenic flight to Bhadrapur with awesome panorama views array of snow capped mountains from Ganesh-Langtang-Jugal Himal, Gaurishanker, Numbur and Mt. Everest with Nuptse, Lhotse and as far to Kanchenjunga and Makalu range, after 40 minutes reaching at Bhadrapur on the far south east of Nepal close to India border and in sub-tropic climate, from here join our trekking staff for the drive to a nice Tea Garden town at Ilam Bazaar for overnight stop on this mid hills area, where its cooler.

Day 03: Drive to Sukhetar walk to Lali Kharka 1,940m - 04 hrs.
After an interesting time at Ilam with its sea of tea garden, morning few hours of scenic drive leads to many farm villages and towns and then crossing the Kabeli Khola (Small River) on the jeep rough road reaching at

Sukhetar village in Taplejung after a drive of four hours, from Suketar starting the first walk of this wonderful journey with short ups in between and gradual with undulating winding path through the dense forest of pines and rhododendrons trees; high hills trail from here follows a nice ridge route and then approaching the high hills and into a forested area, which gradually descends to our first overnight camp at Lalikharka, on a nice farm area with a grand views of Kanchenjunga in the north.

Day 04: Trek to Khesewa Bhanjyang 2,100m - 05 hrs.
Starting the morning trek with a descent into farm villages and well cultivated farm fields with terraces, on this part of the mid hills inhabited with Hindu people, and a mixture of Brahmins, Chettris, and Rai\'s, Limbu with their own old tradition and culture.

On passing Tembawa village, and then with a long downhill towards Phawa khola, and to Pokora village, the path from here heads through terraced farms and on crossing the river with climb to Kunjari village, from here trekking into a nice forest with uphill to Khesewa- Bhanjyang village for overnight camp, with super views of Yalungkang peaks with Mt. Kanchenjunga range.

Day 05: Trek to Mamangkhe 2,030 m - 06 hrs.
Morning walk starts with a downhill into a forested area aroundNandeva khola, crossing the small river and then on downhill again by the river bank to climb into forest reaching at Lopoding village, after this village the path is a mixture of gradual with ups and downs to reach Fun Fun village in the magnificent backdrop of Yalung peak, Mt. Kanchenjunga and Khumbakarna range of mountains, after enjoying from the top ridge of Funfun, walk leads on the downhill path through farm terraces and with climb for an hour reaching at Pomppe Dhada on the ridge top, offering super views of Jannu Himal, from here a short descend and climb to overnight camp at Mamankhe after crossing a bridge.

Day 06: Trek to Yangphudin 2,150m - 06 hrs.
From here morning leads to a gradual climb to Dekadin village after this village walking on the bank of Kabeli khola river and then a climb of 300 meters high from the river valley on the mountain path, trekking on the zig zag trail around hill ridges and then descend towards Kabeli khola again, after the river walk leads to an uphill passing farm fields and villages,and then finally reaching at a nice isolated Yamphudin village for overnight stop.

Day 07: Trek to Chitre 2,880 m - 06hrs.
After Yamphudin village, morning walk on the bank of Kabeli khola, crossing another Omje khola stream and then a climb to Dhupi Bhangyang with a wide grassy field like a plateau, after reaching the top ridge and then continues descend through coniferous forest to Omje Khola area and into nice tree lines. of rhododendron tree line to reach an exposed ridge to Chitre a small place with few huts to camp for overnight.

Day 08: Trek to Simbua Khola 3,000m - 07 hrs.
From Chitre, starting the trek towards Ramite Bhanjyang with a steep climb into beautiful and pristine forest of magnolias, rhododendron and bamboo trees and vegetation to Ramite a place with a single hut, from here walk leads to a climb into rhododendron covered hills, then coming to a small pond on reaching at Ramite Bhanjyang of 3,430 meters high.

With a short rest marveling magnificent view of Mt.Jannu, and then heading to 150 meters climb into thick forested area full of rhododendron, pines and oaks trees with awesome views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Khumbhakarna and Kabru peaks and then of a gentle downhill slope to overnight camp by the Simbua Khola riverbed.

Day 09: Trek to Tseram 3,770 m - 05 hrs.
After a nice stop around this river valley gorge, morning walk on river banks through bivouac caves, trekking along Simbua Khola river bank to reach at a small place at Wahta, trek continues on the gravel ground area heading to a shrine enclosed in a big boulder with an impression of serpent like, leaving the thick tree lines, walk heads towards a riverbed again, and then a climb to overnight camp at Tserem, this place with many bivouac roofless caves a nice cozy shelters for porters and travelers without camping gear and offering marvelous views of Yalung glacier and Kabru 7,353 m and Talung 7,349 m peaks.

Day 10: Trek to Ramche 4,360m via Lapsang - 05 hrs.
From this remote and in complete isolation place at Tserm, morning starts with a descent to Simbua Khola riverbed back again, and then a climb on small farm hills to reach Yalung Bara which houses a lone stone hut, from this place onwards for few days end of tree lines and forests and then on the mountain path towards Yalung Glacier ablation area.

After this peaceful spot walk leads to a climb for an hour and then rest of the journey with pleasant walk with superb views of Kabru, Rathong and Kokthang, and completing the day’s walk setting an overnight camp for two nights on this lovely spot.

Day 11: Rest day at Ramche for acclimatisation and optional walk.
A free day today for a good hike to visit Kanchenjunga South Base Camp one of the highlight of this fabulous trip, after a nice hearty breakfast starting a hike for few hours to Kanchenjunga South Base Camp for a wonderful views of Yalung Glacier and Mt. Kanchenjunga South Wall, the morning hike takes at least three hours at 4,600 meters high which will be good for acclimatization for further climb to next higher region. This was the 1st and classic route to the summit of Kanchenjunga of first British Expeditions in early 1955 led and summated by Sir George Band, from this spot offering fantastic views of Talung and Kabru Peak, and then with an hour here marveling the surrounding beauties of snow clad mountains and glacier of Kanchenjunga return back to Ramche with rest of the afternoon at leisure.

Day 12: Trek back to Tseram - 04 hrs.
After being in our first destination and highlight of this trip, onwards to North base camp retracing the same route back to Tserm for overnight stop, with all downhill and reaching back to vegetations and tree lines.

Day 13: Trek to Tamo la 4,300 m - 05 hrs.
Morning starts with a downhill to Yalungbar with short steep to cross a small river and then with pleasant trekking through beautiful forest of rhododendron and pines, from the river bed leading to a climb on a steep hill for an hour or more to reach a small glacial twin ponds, and then a tough climb to cross three passes of Miring La, Tamo La and Sinion La with ups and downs from one hill ridge pass to another with scenic view of Kabru peak and Mt. Kanchenjunga. After Miring La, the path leads to a slow up and down and then climbs to Sinion La at 4,500 meters offering stunning views of Mt. Makalu,

Mt. Baruntse, and Chamlang peaks towards North West direction, then after a
hard tough climb of these passes in a day, trail descends gently to Tamo La at 4, 300 meters with superb views of Khumbhakarna mountain range and finally on the long descent to the overnight camp on a fine grassy meadow.

Day 14: Trek to Ghunsa 3,480m - 06 hrs.
After a great walk of previous day with three passes, today it will be good walking towards Kanchenjunga North Base Camp, morning starts with a gentle walk and then with a steep descent for an hour into thick forest of rhododendron and pines tall trees, the downhill carries on till it comes to a flat filed close to Ghunsa River walking on pleasant trail from the river to reach at Ghunsa village for overnight camp, the first village after many days, this villagers of Bhotia origin with strong Tibetan influence in religion, custom, culture and way of daily life the house are built of stones, a neat village of mostly cattle breeders Yaks, goats, cows and as well some horses of Tibetan pony breed.

Day 15: Trek to Kangbachen 4,000m - 05 hrs.
From this nice Bhotia village and people of Tibetan origin, morning starts with a climb along the river bank with views of beautiful waterfalls around this area encountering many Yaks and cattle herders depending upon the season for grazing on this high pasture fields, trek carries on the Ghunsa River right bank into woodlands of rhododendron and pines trees, and then leading to a climb to Rambuk Kharka with impressive scenery of Khumbukarna Himal and Janu Himal with adjoining snow capped peaks, after leaving the forested area behind into arid and dry barren country with few small bushes of junipers and Burberrys, and then a climb on passing a huge landslide section with a great views of Khumbakarna\'s Himal range of peaks and finally completing this scenic walk to camp at Kangbachen overlooking at Sharphu peak at 7,070 meters high with North Face of Mt. Janu and Wedge peak.

Day 16: Trek to Lhonak 4,780 m - 05 hrs.
Today walking towards into complete wilderness of mountain terrain with dry, arid and barren with arctic climatic zone, from here walk leads above the river for an hour and then leading North East direction, the walk heads down to river side and with a climb on rocks and boulder path leading to Kanchenjunga glaciers, after reaching Ramtang Kharka (a Shepard shelter) the route leads to a glacier coming from Kanchenjunga huge peak, after crossing a junction of Lhonak and Kanchenjunga glacier to reach our overnight camp at Lhonak with striking Mera, Nepal Peak and Wedge Peaks beautiful views.

Day 17: Trek to Pang Pema 5, 065 m - 05 hrs.
From here onwards reaching the main destination and highlight of this awesome journey to Pang Pema and Mt. Kanchenjunga North Base Camp

walk leads with a climb above the river with fantastic views of Kirat Chuli, Nepal Peak, Taple Sikhar, and Givegela Chuli. At first with normal moderate climb heading on a boulder path, walks carries on the grassy slopes and glacier path up towards Kanchenjunga North Base Camp and to the highest overnight camping spot of this remarkable and great journey, around this place might see some wildlife herds of blue sheep\'s, mountain antelopes and by chance the rare endangered Snow Leopards.

Day 18: Rest day at Pang Pema for local exploration.
This is one of the best and scenic spot for complete free and rest day and as well free from the hassle of packing routine, this place offers several good area for short hike and walk for better high and scenic panorama of surrounding mountains or climb to Pang Pema Peak at 5,800 meters to gain height of this adventure with awesome panorama of Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna, Makalu, Cholotse, Sharpu, Drohma, Nepal Peak and range of adjoining peaks.

Day 19: Trek to Kangbachen 3,900 m - 06 hrs.
With memorable and fascinating time for two days at Pangpema around Kanchenjunga North base camp, heading back to lower area and free from high altitude, morning starts with a long downhill walk with some short climb and then back on the same route back for overnight camp at Kambachen.

Day 20: Trek to Phole 3,100 m - 06 hrs.
After being away from human settlement and villages back to farm and villages to Phole with long downhill walk and short climb to retrace the trail back to Ghunsa, after a nice rest here walk towards Ghunsa khola and back to vegetation and tree lines to camp at an impressive village of Phole of Sherpa and Bhotia people.

Day 21: Trek to Amjilassa 2,500m - 07 hrs.
Morning walk continues with downhill through lush vegetation and tree lines, with mix forest of bamboo and rhododendrons, just before Gybala village walk is for half hour climb, walking uphill and with down hills for an hour and then to a steep climb and descend again for another two hours into woodlands to reach an open wide grassy filed at Amjilassa village with Sherpa and Bhotias people overnight camping on nice meadow.

Day 22: Trek to Tapethok 1,300 m - 06 hrs.
From here onwards back to lower elevation to cultivated terraces and farm land encountering lot of villages throughout the walk downhill to Sekathum and then crossing Ghunsa and Simbhu Rivers following Tamur River to reach Tapethok village for overnight camp, this area of another mid hills tribes Limbu (Subba) Kirat people.

Day 23: Trek to Phoram 1,650m - 06 hrs.
After Tapethok village continue walk to bank of Tamur River and to Chiruwa village, and then an hour walk passing several farm villages, and on the uphill trail into mix woodland of rhododendrons, oaks and pines trees, on leaving the tree lines walking on a nice trail to reach Phoram village for overnight stop a moderate size and populated neat village.

Day 24: Trek to Suketar 2,440 m - 05 hrs.
Today, the last leg of this fabulous and awesome adventure leading back to Suketar village town with an airstrip, morning walk leads though many scattered villages, farm lands and into nice forest area and with villagers of mix races of hill tribes, the walk leads to a steep climb for few hours and then with gentle walk all the way to Taplejung village and to Suketar for the last overnight stop of this trip in the mid hills of Kanchenjunga, from here next flying back to Kathmandu in smaller plane either Dornier / Twin Otter or similar.

Day 25: Fly to Kathmandu afternoon free for individual activities.
As per the flight time to Kathmandu, a short walk to airport terminal in the morning, on boarding the plane 45 minutes of sweeping flight with parallel views of mountains all the way to Kathmandu, at Kathmandu transfer to hotel after a short drive around Thamel area, with whole day free as per the time of return flight from Sukhetar.

Day 26: In Kathmandu with sightseeing tour at places of interest.
A free day in Kathmandu in case of flight delay due to bad weather as the Himalayan weather are unpredictable sometimes if all goes well as per the planned itinerary, on request morning guided sightseeing tour at places of interest. Kathmandu city and the surrounding valley steeped with history, culture. Kathmandu is full of World Heritage Sites with old Temples, Monasteries, Stupas, Royal Courtyard and Palaces, afternoon free at leisure for souvenirs shopping.

Day 27: International departure for home ward bound.
Last day in Nepal with memorable moment and awesome experience and good time with Annapurna Encounter services, as per the international flight time our AE staff will transfer you to airport for the flight back home or to respective countries.

trekking around worlds’ 03rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga massive range
visiting remote cultural, traditional villages near to Tibet frontier
in enchanting alpine forest surrounding with tall rhododendrons trees
starting from sub- tropical, alpine mid hills to arctic climate and terrain
the only adventure in all Himalaya visiting both north & south base camps