Kathmandu Day Tour

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Kathmandu is the living gallery of Nepalese arts, culture and ancient heritage. Single day tour at Annapurna Encounter Pvt. Ltd covers at least five heritage sites of all the three sister cities of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur comprising all durbar squares .Here you can not only explore the unforeseen blend of Hindu and Buddhist tribal traditions but also the delve into tremendous architecture and antiquity behind the monuments of Kathmandu valley – a must and most touring destination.

Trip Facts

  • Total Trip : Day Tour

8:00 AM Leaving Time

9:00 AM Bhaktapur Durbar Square

11:30 AM Patan Durbar Square

2:00 PM Kathmandu Durbar Square

3:00 PM Boudhanath Stupa

6:00 PM Swayambhunath Stupa


Bhaktapur Durbar Square

After the breakfast, we will drive towards Newari kingdom of Bhaktapur (kingdom rich of culture, temples, wood, metal and stone works) also known as Bhadgaon or Khwopa. Here is the conglomeration of of pagoda and shikhara style temples. There also lies museum where one can find the ancient paintings of gods and goddesses. Beside that we will enjoy best type of curd ‘Juju Dhau’ and ‘Chatamari ‘- a famous Newari dish at Bhaktapur.


Patan Durbar Square

Next we drive to Patan durbar square which is situated in the center of Patan city (Lalitpur) and is also enlisted in UNESCO world heritage site. The major attractions of Patan Durbar Square are Krishna Temple with 21 gold pinnacles. And also tushahity royal bath. We can enjoy the good specimen of ancient Newari architecture here.


Kathmandu Durbar Square

Our next destination after Patan will be Kathmandu Durbar Square ( Basantapur Durbar ) with spectacular architecture and which vividly showcases the skills of Newar Artists and craftsmen. Basantapur Tower , Statue of Kalbhairav , Coutyard of Kumari Bahal are something you are going to have fun learning about. After an hour spent in Basantapur , we will head towards Bouddhanath. Boudhanath is the largest among the Buddhist stupas of Nepal which holds the huge religious significance among the Tibetan Buddhists of Nepal. Presence of the saffron robed monks, colorful flags with prayers nearly touching the skyline, chanting of mantras like ‘Om Mani Padme Hun’, and the prayer wheels of the large octagonal stupa gives the reminiscence of a true Tibetan lifestyle. We will have a lunch at Mahabouddha and will be ready to drive for our last tour.


About 11km drive from Boudhanath, we will reach a Buddhist Stupa situated at the top of Mandapgiri Hill. There are 360 stone steps in order to reach the stupa at the top of the hill. In the evening we will drive back to your Hotel in Kathmandu.

  • -Panaromic view of Bhaktapur Durbar Square (Nyatapol Temple, Bhairabnath Temple , Dattatreya Temple ), museum , wood carvings , 55 window palace)
  • - Tushahity royal bath at Patan Durbar Square and the narration of the chowks (Mulchowk and          Sundarichowk)
  • Hanumandhoka Museum, Bhaktapur Museum