Buddhist Pilgrimage Day Tour

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 Kathmandu valley has been the central pivot of Buddhism for long. Buddhist pilgrimage tour with Annapurna encounter takes you to elephantine embowed shaped stupas which highlight the Buddhist circuit tour, a day long. One can scrutinize lots of interesting facts about the every stupas included in the tour.  Also known as the ‘Lhasa Monastery’ or ‘Khasti Monastery’ it is believed that the last remains of Sage Kashyap was cremated in Boudhanath. Boudha was considered as the trade route between Nepal and Tibet in the past. The pleasant Walk between Boudhanath and Gokarna leads you to Kapan Monastery founded by Lama Thubten Yeshe who died in 1984, leading to the worldwide search of his reincarnation after his death.

The tour allows you to experience traditional Tibetan Buddhism at self-emerged Buddhist shrine also known as Swayambhunath since no concrete historical evidences regarding who built this monastery are found. You can also overlook the spectacular scenario of Kathmandu Valley from Swayambhunath.

Tucked away in the Himalayas of Nepal, amidst the most scenic area there lies a Buddhist Monastery named Neydo Tashi Choeling in Pharping, just 22km away from the heart of Kathmandu. It is said that it is the mundane place to relax and unwind all the hustle and bustle of life and an easy get away for a short break.

Trip Facts

  • Total Trip : Day Tour

7:00 AM- Journey Starts from Thamel

8:00 AM- Pilgrimage tour of Boudhanath, and Kapan Monastery

12:00 PM – Swayambhunath visit and Sightseeing

2:00 PM –Tour of Pharping Monastery.

Journey starting from Thamel- After the breakfast we will drive towards Bouddhanath. Boudhanath is the largest among the Buddhist stupas of Nepal which holds the huge religious significance among the Tibetan Buddhists of Nepal. Presence of the saffron robed monks, colorful flags with prayers nearly touching the skyline, chanting of mantras like ‘Om Mani Padme Hun’, and the prayer wheels of the large octagonal stupa gives the reminiscence of a true Tibetan lifestyle. The circuit continues to Kapan monastery which is on the hilltop North of Bouddhanath. It was founded by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche in 1970 as the center of Buddhist teachings (Buddhist psychology and


Swayambhunath Visit and Sightseeing-   After the Lunch at Kapan, We will drive to Swayambhunath – a Buddhist Monastery situated at the top of Mandapgiri Hill. There are 360 stone steps in order to reach the stupa at the top of the hill. At the completion of the steps, there is a Bajradhatumandal with the glided images of all 12 Zodiacs, which carries a great importance as truth and enlightenment in Buddhism. People like to call it a monkey temple, because the red monkey seems to be enjoying in the Swayambhu stupa. It also provides the spectacular view of Kathmandu Valley. It also provides the spectacular view of Kathmandu valley.



Tour to Pharping Monastry ( Nyedo Tashi Choeling Monastery)


After the syayambhunath visit we will be heading towards twenty two kilometers south of Kathmandu, where an interesting and fascinating monastic zone lies- i.e Pharping. These are the hills when Guru Rimpoche meditated and achieved the highest realization before moving to Tibet. The Nyedo   Tashi Choeling Monastery in Pharping is young and a correspondingly vibrant place with around 200 monks in residence. After some delicious snacks at Pharping, in the evening we will drive back to your hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Visiting the Stupas enlisted in UNESCO world Heritage site.