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Although a small in size with a country of fascinating change in every ways, with its dramatic landscapes, valleys, rivers and jungles to world’s highest mountain. Nepal provides abundant bird life habitats with its rich green jungle of mid hills, alpine to tropical dense forest with its variations range of elevation from the low of 65 meters to 8,848 meters the top of Mt. Everest certainly offers an impressive natural background and home for many species of wild and bird life, join in our various destination for bird watch tour starting from the valley of Kathmandu and its nearest high hills with scenic mountain views, or drive to Chitwan and Kosi Tappu including Pokhara mid hills all these areas provides interesting Bird Watching Tour.

Nepal, a major habitation and migratory place for many species of birds as 08 % of the world’s population of birds (more than 857 species);
Nepal habitats domestic and migratory birds as the country has varied levels of temperature from the low land of Terai the mid hill and to the high alpine range where varieties of birds exists from small finch-partridge- jungle fowls-water birds to large Himalayan brown eagle and hawks including the National bird of Nepal “Lophorous” colorful Danfe also called Impeyan Pheasant.

Here are the special areas for bird watch tour in and around Kathmandu valley and beyond:

Phulchowki adjoin hills within Kathmandu Valley and the highest hill top of Kathmandu valley also, famous for mountain views and flora and fauna with Redheaded Trogan, a very rare bird sighted there in April 2002 (it was last seen n Nepal 44 years ago). Phulchowki is 2760 meters and 18kms southeast of Kathmandu and is reached via Godawari and the Botanical Gardens. Walking can start from behind the gardens, with a combination of trails and roads. The hillside is covered with forest featuring outstanding flora as well as diverse birds. About 90 species have been recorded in this area including the endemic spring babbler, as well as the Curia, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Rufous Bellied Pied Woodpeckers and the Black-throated Parrot bill, to name a few.

Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve, & Nagarjun:
Another beautiful spot for Bird Watching Tour is Shivapuri Watershed Reserve, 12kms north of Kathmandu valley and from the city.

Nagarjun located North West; Shivapuri hill top can be reached two ways either from Sundarijal or from Budhanilkantha.

This Reserve with various species birds are Laughing Thrush, Crested Serpent Eagle, Little Pied Fly Catchers, Ruby-Throats and Babblers, Pheasants, Magpies and Sunbird.

Pokhara, the two well known lakes Phewa Tal and Begnas Tal and the surrounding areas are highly recommended. Of particular interest are the areas with minimum disturbances, away from human inhabitation the forests around the south shore of Phewa lake. Look out in the fields and pools especially in the winter for Egrets, Herons, Pipits, and Buntings etc. other birds are occurring are Gulls, Terns, Ducks, and Falcons etc.

Begnas Tal is 15Km away from Pokhara and it easily reached by taxi or bicycle. Accommodations are available here too. Terraced hills and light forests surround the lake. One should spend time on the slopes and wet fields. Birds sighted here are Ducks, pheasant-tailed jacana; Hoppie Grey bellied Tesias, common pintail snipe, bulbuls etc. Pokhara lakeside is basically a tourist town, which caters to all the needs f visitors. From cheap lodges to very expensive star hotels are available in and around Pokhara. Lakeside is full of restaurants of all kinds. Pokhara can be reached by air or by road. Bird watching is best in October and April.

Koshi Barage and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve:
The eastern Terai to the Far East of Nepal, the Koshi is great for waterfowl and waders, with about 26 varieties of ducks alone. Here the method of viewing is by boat, gliding through the waters in the stillness of the early morning and evenings. Over 450 species have been sighted hare, including Black Ibis, Honey Kites, Ospreys, Black Headed Orioles, Peregrine Falcon, Partridges, and Storks.

Chitwan National Park:
Chitwan the lowlands of Nepal, known as the Terai the flat land of Nepal. Chitwan National Park is the best-known site in Nepal for bird watching. Bird watching need to be done from the safely of a chair, the back of an elephant or in a jeep (by far the last choice), and if you wish to walk, accompanied by a guide or a naturalist, or preferably an ornithologist. The area consists of Sal Forest, Riverine forest, and grasslands, with three rivers forming the boundaries of the park. Some 500 species have been recorded in Chitwan and some of them are Blue Indian Roller, Stork-billed Kingfishers, Bengal Florican, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Bee-eaters, and Cormorants.

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