Bhutan Tours & Treks

Bhutan Tours & Treks

Great way to enjoy your holiday in the tiny country of Bhutan, the last of Himalayan Kingdom with Annapurna Encounter with varied programs of tours, festival and trekking in tranquility of Bhutan’s remote and beautiful areas.
There are few countries in the Himalayan region retaining its old past history, culture and all the glory enriched with culture, religion and traditional life.

Bhutan is the country of peaceful Dragon and it’s the last country and its cities which is slowly developing into modernization retaining its past, present culture, religion and custom, as Bhutan for centuries closed for outsiders and its beginning to open its mighty doors for a visit to its self imposed remoteness and isolation and to observe its unique way of life as it was for many centuries.

So traveling into Bhutan makes you feel going back to medieval time and period with its fascinating hidden treasure of ancient culture, religion, architecture and its traditional life as it was for hundreds of years, you can feel Bhutan\’s past exists still in this present time and tantric Buddhism is a way of living with its warm, friendly people with great hospitality is always here to show you this picturesque and awesome country with beautiful snow capped mountains with interesting monasteries and its rich woodlands of rhododendron, magnolia and varieties of pines and fir trees and many species of vegetation for your interest and delights. .

Our listed program for your enjoyable trip to Bhutan:

01: Bhutan Cultural Tour: 08 – 09 days trips.
02: Bhutan Jumolhari Tour & Treks: 17 – 18 days’ trips.
03: Bhutan’s Festival Trip: 11 – 12 days trips.
04: Bumthang Cultural Tour & Trek: 13 – 14 days trips.
05: Gangtey – Gogona Tour & Treks: 11 – 12 days trips.

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